UAV Magnetics is at the forefront of drone surveying in Australia, and has refined its technology and method to create a system that is fast, efficient and produces high-quality, high-resolution magnetic data for exploration tenements and mine sites.
The UAV Magnetics system will locate changes in rock types, and fault structures in a geological prospect which provide critical information for target discrimination, mine operations and mine planning.       The system has a proven track record for mineral exploration targets,   Environmental surveys, and for detecting  dykes and structures in coal operations.         
The system has been developed as a result of years of expertise in airborne magnetics surveying together with highly experienced UAV operators, and in conjunction with the custom magnetometer, is ideally suited for high-resolution magnetic surveys that are upto 2000 line km in size.
The custom-built hexacopter can fly autonomously for 1.5 hours at a range of 2km from the ground operator, and solves the significant safety risks associated with operating manned aircraft at low altitudes,  or using traditional ground magnetics surveying techniques.    This is a new generation of technology which is fast , safe and efficient.
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Total Magnetic Field Data
UAV Airborne Electromagnetic Data
Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) Detection

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UAV Magnetics are CASA approved to operate fixed and rotary wing aircraft up to 25KG MTOW and operate under the Operators Certificate 1-ZFZNZ